Writing or Researching? Applying? Interviewing?

Writing or Researching?

Need help getting started or finding sources? Need to learn more about research methods? Want assistance with your written English?


Understand what admissions committees are looking for in college and grad school! I'll help you put together an effective application package.


Develop interviewing skills to knock their socks off!


I'm Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison and I'm excited to help reduce your academic anxiety, raise your confidence and set you on your path to success. My considerable experiences in both counseling AND international education allow me to offer a unique service to the academic community: let me help you learn about, plan and develop strategies for success for any stage of your academic experience. From research development to website development, from graduate school entrance to manuscript publication, let me be your guide!



I can help you navigate the collegiate experience, consider plans for after college such as employment or graduate study, or even assist with written assignments such as graduate admissions statements or senior theses.



Get the boost you need to make that academic transition, apply for tenure, or finally write that manuscript long gestating in the back of your head! I’ll work with you to develop your professional materials including curriculum vitae, research agendas, grant proposals, teaching philosophies, conference abstracts, etc.


Let me assist you in identifying topics for research, planning your manuscripts, understanding research methods, developing curricula, and bringing your work to presentation and publication.


Invite me to meet with faculty and students; I regularly lead workshops on developing learner agency and development, writing pedagogy across the curriculum, and understanding archetypes for growth and development.